Bep-Foundation Summer News

Summer 2017 was rich not only relating to donations but experiences on the involvement of all in many and varied projects with the same goal: “Protecting the environment of the Bahamas”.

Elbow Cay Lighthouse Campain

While BEP is settled on Elbow Cay, we could not ignore its Lightshouse : “The Most Recognized Landmark in Abaco and the Last Light of its Kind in The World »!   Without any maintenance, the Lighthouse began to fall [...]

Coral Nursery

Dr. Craig Dahlgren is a marine ecologist who studies a wide range of topics related to tropical marine ecosystems. His work includes studies of mangrove and coral reef ecosystems, efficacy of marine protected areas, [...]


Mammals Posters’ distribution

This is the schedule to complet the project we started early this year:

  • Oct 15th – Completion of package materials (see below) by BMMRO
  • Nov 6th – 300 poster tubes & USB thumbdrives brought to Bahamas from Florida on ship. BMMRO will be using to conduct sperm whale survey (this will keep costs low).
  • Nov 17-23rd – Trial presentations at James A Pinder primary school (Sandy Point) and Forest Heights Academy high school.
  • Nov 30th – Finalise packages.
  • Jan 3rd – Delivery/mailing of packages to schools throughout the Bahamas.


Marine Mammal Educational Package (all enclosed in a poster tube to be shipped to schools):

  1. Introductory letter to provide a guide for using the educational package.
  2. ‘Marine Mammals of The Bahamas’ poster.
  3. PowerPoint slide presentation on marine mammal diversity and ecology (follows poster text & graphics) with accompanying notes for the presenter (30 min presentations – one for primary school students and one for high school students); on a USB thumb drive.
  4. Video of the above PowerPoint presentation for schools without a science teacher to give the presentation; on a USB thumb drive.
  5. “Let’s Ask the Scientists” – instructions for schools to contact BMMRO before the presentation is given so BMMRO scientists are standing by for questions during or immediately after the presentation by phone/text or by the Internet (e.g., Skype or WhatsApp).
  6. Educational games with instructions.
  7. Pre- and post-presentation evaluation survey questions and score sheets.


Abaco Science Fair on November 16th, 2017 organised by Friends of The Environment

As per last year, BEP will again take part to the Abaco Science Fair as the main sponsor.

For the past 14 years, FRIENDS has hosted a Science Fair for all ages and schools in Abaco. Students compete in one of four categories from primary school to high school. Students and teachers interact in a friendly competition designed to allow students to think critically and creatively about issues facing our country. Each year this event is successful at making students more aware of their environment and how they can help to preserve our natural resources. The theme for this year’s fair is “Exploring the Value of Marine Resources” and the event will be held in Marsh Harbour on November 16, 2017

And more coming….


Wishing you a great fall 🙂

October 19th, 2017|

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