Bep-Foundation first semester news

Time flies and we are pleased to keep you updated on what we accomplished this first 2017 semester.

Bahamas Cave Research Foundation – Lifetime member

The efforts to make researches and  maintain the World Wide well know Abaco Caves are tremendous ! It is such a chance having met famous Brian Kakuk and so interesting on what he brings

Abaco Park Moorings – it started…

Ch. de La Baume-BEP Foundation replacing old lines and buoys To replace and maintain moorings is a challenge. You need to have calm water, nice weather, low tide (if possible) and available volunteers !

  • bep-foundation team

Posters of the Marine Mammals of the Bahamas accomplishment and distribution

(from left to right) Ariane de La Baume-BEP, Charlotte Dunn-Mammals, Charles de La Baume-BEP, Diane Claridge-Mammals. Early May, the posters have been shipped with exemption for duty & VAT from government ! That is

New projects are in the pipelines…. Let’s discovered them later…

Wishing you a great Summer !
The BEP-Foundation’s Team

June 28th, 2017|