2e semester 2018

Coral Nurseries – How it started

November 5th, 2018|

Having been facinated by a coral nursery while we were diving with Michael Sherratt  early last year, we have been in touch with Dr. Craig Dahlgren who explained us with enthusiasm the mechanism of the coral nurseries. We had the chance to participate to one of his expedition at Sandy Cay’s reserve in the Abacos and offer our diving experience to help them to install 3x nurseries

Coral Project with Friends of The Environment

November 5th, 2018|

Based on that, BEP Foundation shared this great experience and its concern about the gradual and imminent corals’ disappearance to Friends of The Environment who not only works on any environmental aspects but especially on children education which is the future. « Coral Project » has been developed to help increase the public’s understanding of the importance of healthy coral reefs. Together with Dr. Craig Dahlgren from Perry Institute for