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After more than eight years cruising in the Bahamas archipelago, we are established in the White Sound, at Elbow Cay, in the Abaco’s and have taken decision in 2015 to settle a Foundation to inform, preserve and conserve the fantastic Bahamian environment.
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Bahamian diversity

Bahamian diversity is considerable both on land and under the sea, as the two are connected. Surrounded by deep water the Bahamas is a nation of islands with ~95% of the territory consisting of shallow seas. Economy, livelihoods and culture are inextricably linked to the health of oceans.

Bio diversity concerns both marine (coral fish, deep sea fish, mammals, etc.) and terrestrial fauna (over 300 species of birds, butterflies, hutia, feral horses and pigs, raccoons, reptiles, etc…). Same in regards to flora.

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Parrot, long term conservation is needed to preserve the race!

May 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

The Bahama's Amazon is a subspecies of the Cuban Amazon. They have dark green feathers, a white crown and upper cheeks, rose red throat, red shoulders and outer wing feathers tinged blue. Their legs are

Blue hole

May 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

Abaco’s blue holes are cultural, historical and biological treasures. More research is constantly being done to increase our understanding of the importance of these ecosystems. Since the discovery of a fossil tortoise shell and a

Conch, a marine resource for the future

May 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

Conch is important to the Bahamas as a cultural icon and also an important source of income (conch fishing). Sadly, harvesting juvenile conch is a common practice in the Bahamas. Each juvenile conch taken is

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Over 300 species of birds recorded from the Bahamas

May 2nd, 2016|1 Comment

In Abaco, you have the chance to see many varieties of birds, some are endemic to Abaco, some migrate here in the winters or summers, and some have made Abaco their home due to a

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